Our seasoned claims professionals stand ready to serve you.

Please call us immediately at 855.214.1295 or email when:

  • you experience an incident you think could lead to a claim;
  • you become aware of a claim or potential claim;
  • a lawyer covered on your policy receives notice of a disciplinary investigation or grievance; or
  • a lawyer covered on your policy receives a subpoena for documents or a request for deposition involving professional services.

If faced with a claim, we work with you to quickly and accurately establish the facts surrounding any issue, no matter how large or small.

You can also contact your LawyerCare® claims professional for information when dealing with difficult clients.

Report a claim

To report a claim, potential claim, notice of a disciplinary investigation, or grievance, or to discuss difficult client issues, call 855.214.1295 to speak with a LawyerCare® claims professional.


LawyerCare policies are underwritten by Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of ProAssurance—a group of companies constituting one of our nation’s largest professional liability insurers.